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Crayzee Critters

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Crayzee Critters are a lifelike craw lure both in looks and action. They come in packs of 3 and are pre-rigged in 3 different styles Weed less, Jump Back and Jig head, with each style giving off a different action.

The body is about 10.5 cm in length, the tail is segmented and has Kevlar incorporated throughout the tail and into the body for durability and to provide a life like action. Each lure also has a rattle chamber built inside the body to alert those predatory fish nearby.

They come in 10 different colours, 4 in uv and 1 in glow.

  1. Weedless - 17grams - 10.5cm
  2. Jighead - 19grams - 10.5cm
  3. Jump back - 15grams - 10.5cm